Towcester Foodbank eligibility categories

Benefit Changes / delays

Low Income


Child Holiday meals


No recourse to public funds

Refused short term benefit advance

Delayed Wages

Sickness / ill health

Other : Please specify.

SNFEA Eligibility Categories

Low- or no-income household

Older person

Life limiting conditions

Asylum seeker/refugee

N.E.E.T.S - B.M.E


Drug or alcohol addiction

Physical health problems

Mental health problems

Domestic violence


Ex-service persona


Long-term unemployed

Young people/In care-care leavers

Lone parents - Other:

SNFEA Membership Criteria

A Membership form must be filled in before a food box is received.

Members must agree to look after the food well and store it safely.

Members agree the food is not for resale.

Report their fridge temperatures before receiving chilled / frozen stock (if applicable).

Be considered to benefit positively from the membership by meeting at least one of the above criteria (use food for personal use).

Members are responsible to check all ingredients in response to allergens.