In 2014 the council undertook a survey in village to ascertain what the residents wanted to change in the village. The survey concluded that one of the most important areas was the playing field facilities. At the time the land was owned by a local resident who kindly allowed the council to use the field as a play area. To follow up on the residents wishes the council undertook a plan to purchase the playing field land which would allow them to make substantial investment in the further development of the facilities. The land was purchased for £30,000 in 2018 with the support of a Government Loan.

A committee was formed in 2019 which was made of 2 councillors and 4 village residents. The objective of the committee was to make decisions on the type of equipment and the value of the equipment the development needed. The committee meets on a regular basis in the village hall.

The committee proposed a list of equipment and the next stage of the re-development is under way. The council has plans to remove the existing play equipment, including the football goals and replacing them with modern and rewarding equipment, an image of the layout and type of equipment can be seen in the above impression.

The cost of the development will be approximately £44,000 (ex VAT) and to fund the next stage the council will finance the project in several ways.

It has set aside £8,000 from its funds which it has collected via its precept over the past few years.

The South Northants Council will give the council a grant of approximately £15,000.

The National Lottery has given the council £10,000.

This leaves a funding shortfall of approximately £11,000. The council has applied to the Government for a further loan to cover this shortfall.

The increased financial impact on residents is zero as the council Precept will not be increased to cover the costs, nor is it envisaged that there will be any reduction in services the council currently is responsible for.

The timing of the re-development will largely depend on the result of the loan request to the Government but it is hoped to have this in place before Christmas with installation early in 2020.

For further information please contact the Clerk